New archaeological finds at Trapezitza hill

New archaeological finds at Trapezitza hill in Veliko Tarnovo – the palace of the Asen dynasty

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo

A new attraction, related to the history of Bulgaria, is being prepared in the old capital – Veliko Tarnovo. It is the palace of the Asen dynasty at Trapezitsa hill, located oppositse Tsarevetz hill. For several months a cable car is being built there, which will take the tourists up to the top of the hill in just three minutes. A retaining wall is also planned to be constructed, together with the building of art lighting and tourist infrastructure for easier access to the fortress. Similar facilities are available in the European tourist centers Budapest, Prague and Paris. The variation in the level during the trip will be about 65 meters. The cabin of the cable car will be air-conditioned and will have 25 seats for tourists. It is also planned that a lighting be installed near the recent archaeological excavations at Trapezitsa hill. The light effects will be included in the show “Sound and Light” at Tzarevetz hill. For several consecutive years, the archaeologists have been actively exploring Trapezitza hill, where the palace of the founders of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom – Asen , Peter and Kaloyan, was located. The building was situated at the very top of the hill and afforded a view to the passage to the old mediaeval capital as well as to the opposite located hill – Tzarevets . During the excavations in the northern part of the hill, next to the main gate of the fortress, archaeologists have discovered a huge building with dimensions of 33 m x 10 m.  It has thick walls, some of them 6 to 18 meters high. The inside part of the walls is covered with frescoes. Archaeologists suggest that this is where the palace complex, dating from the late 12th century, was situated. It was also surrounded by another huge complex and fortification buildings. The several guard towers and the main paved road, located between the thick walls and the side slope of the hill, are very impressive. Near the excavations, next to the palace complex, stand out the walls of a big church. Around the church there are large buildings that are supposed to have been part of a monastery, which existed at this place. Among the most valuable artifacts, found by archaeologists around the Palace of Asenevtsi (i.e. Asen dynasty), are some graffiti from the period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. They are strange drawings, resembling deer against a background of a forest. According to researchers an unknown amateur artist has practiced scribbling on the wall and thus left these clearly outlined drawings of three deer. In one of the graves found there was also a part of a silver relic cross. Booking hotels in Veliko Tarnovo

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