New attractions in Grifid hotels

New attractions in Grifid hotels

On June 27 opened doors the designed for kids part of the newly built Aqua Park at Grifid Hotel Bolero. All young guests of the hotel between the ages of 4 and 12 years, together with their parents, staying at Grifid Hotels – Bolero and Vistamar, are welcome and can enjoy themselves in the children’s part of the Aqua park – for free.

Young tourists will have the opportunity to take pleasure in two Twister slides – 18 and 27 meters long. No less fun is in store for them at the quieter slide “Mini River”, which is 7 long and 2 meters wide.

At Grifid Bolero children will be able to enjoy the newly constructed playground, which also has an indoor part – a kids club. It is has two separate rooms and is in the shape of a pirate ship.

For all the tourists and hotel guests, staying at Grifid Bolero Vistamar and Metropol, has been installed and operates a new attraction, called “Human Soccer”.

The game is played in a “gigantic inflatable table football, in which the figures are the participants themselves.” The aim is to score in the opponent’s goal, which can be achieved having a very limited scope for movement as well as with lots of improvisation, guaranteed laughter and good humor.

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