A new European recognition the Castle “In love with the wind”

Another European recognition received the Castle “In love with the wind” in Ravadinovo. The attraction was included in the new European tourist route “The Fairytale Destinations of Europe” along with the emblematic castles of France and Germany, as well as sites from Ireland, Slovenia and Italy. This happens only a few months after, and the landmark was declared tourist site No.1 in Bulgaria at the Ministry of Tourism competition for 2018.


The “In love in the wind” castle is presented by Europen Best Destinations as “the most magical place in Europe”. The unusual creation is inspired by the childhood dream of its creator and architect Georgi Tumpalov, who is one of the few remaining knights of our time. The fairy-tale castle, the exotic garden with more than three thousand kinds of flowers and plants, the Fountain of Desires, the fountains with antique statues, the wine cellar and the gallery are just some of the things that impress the visitor and create the magical atmosphere of this extraordinary place.

castle Ravadinovo

Europen Best Destinations calls thousands of readers to book a ticket to Bourgas – Bulgaria to see this amazing compilation of fabulous reality, the flight of imagination and design inspiration … The most prestigious tourist ranking also points to the ancient town of Sozopol, its cultural, historical and architectural heritage, as the most suitable place for lovers of fabulous destinations to stay. At the moment, the creator of the “In love in the wind”, Georgi Tumpalov and his team are preparing to participate in the International Holiday Forum “Holiday and Spa EXPO-2019” in Sofia, where they will present their fairytale at their own stand.

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