2 000 leva for a new logo of the carnival in Gabrovo

2 000 leva /approximately 1000 Euro/ will be receive the author of the new logo of the Gabrovo carnival. Every year the slogan and graphic symbol of the event are different. However, the competition aims to select only an image to be used in the future for promotional materials  In addition to the prize winner, two encouraging 500 leva /approximately 250 Euro/ prizes will be awarded for interesting ideas.

gabrovo carnaval

At the same time, the carnival will continue to choose a unique and different slogan every year. In 2018 the motto is “Gabrovo – my little Brussels”. Bulgarian and foreign artists can participate in the competition for a new logo. The deadline for submission of proposals is 4 p.. on February 2nd. The winner will be announced on 16th of February.

gabrovo carnaval
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