A new Medical Centre – Festa Medica in Festa Via Pontica complex, Pomorie

A new of Medical Centre Festa Medica in Festa Via Pontica complex, Pomorie

Festa Via Pontica

Festa Via Pontica

A new Medical Centre – “Festa Medica” is building in Festa Via Pontica complex, Pomorie.  In “Festa Medica” the guests will be able to enjoy high-quality service from renowned experts in the field of medical and wellness services. The center is registered under the Hospitals Act 3 profile and offers its guests: physiotherapy;electrotherapy; hydrotherapy; wellness treatments; whirlpool; vortex and pearl massage; medical bath treatments; mud-cure; treatment with lye; kinesitherapy; magnetic therapy; pediatric practice; cardiology; cabinet of nerve and internal medicine; wellness procedures with wine. “Festa Medica” is the place where the professional medical staff will take care of your complete relaxation with pure gifts of nature and with latest innovations in the field of mud and lye treatment. Welcome to Festa Via Pontica! Booking hotel Via Pontica

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