New rules protect the tourists in Bulgaria

New rules will protect the tourists in Bulgaria. They are written in the new law on tourism proposed for public discussion of the page of the Ministry of Tourism. There will be created Guarantee Fund to collected funds from tour operators and to protect the tourists in case of bankruptcy of any touristic company Currently, the Bulgarian tour operators pay professional insurance and according to the new law it will continue to operate. But The industry is concerned that with the new rule the correct tour operators will pay twice to ensure the work of the rest.


The law provides for the possibility the funds paid by customers of tour operators to be collect in special customer accounts. The money there could not be spent on anything other than reservations. The profits of the tour operators will go into another separate account. This option, however, will limit the investment opportunities of the companies in new vehicles, personnel and developing attractive packages, according to the sector.


Label “national authenticity” will be given to facilities built or equipped with works of traditional Bulgarian crafts. In the ministry of tourism will start to work a new control unit  which will monitor all players of the tourist market. The inspectors will be able to inflict fines and to close down companies.

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The other highlights in the new law are new standards for treking, implementing a “quality label” for authentic product, the consolidation of the tourism organisations, new security rules for attractions and pools, grading the touristic sites by attractiveness and new rules for camping.

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