New six-seater will work this winter in Borovets

A new six-seat lift “Martini Baraki Express” will please the tourists in Borovets for the upcoming ski season. It will replace the previous 4-seat on the existing line with innovative technology and with a significant increase in speed and capacity. The facility will take up to 3,000 people an hour – more than three times the old lift, and bottom-to-top climbing will take only 3 minutes and a half – more than twice as fast as before.


In addition to speed and capacity, one of the main advantages of Martini Baraki Express is the innovative, world-class direct drive technology. This technology eliminates the need for a drive element called a gearbox, which makes the lift more reliable, quiet, environmentally friendly and with lower operating costs.


The seats have an individual step between the legs that provides a higher degree of safety for children and smaller people. Manufacturer of the lift is one of the world leaders in the production of cable equipment – LEITNER ROPEWAYS. The lift will connect the school board in front of the Rila Hotel with the Blue Martini Baraki 1 track, the red Martini Barracks 2 and 3 and the Black Martini Barracks 4 and Red Flag as well as the Snow Park Borosport Park, It will also serve the popular night-time driving.


BGN 12 million have been invested in the new facility by Borosport AD. The project is part of the resort’s five-year strategy, including the reconstruction of the Gondola lift and the extension of the snow-covered ski area to 85% of the total slopes


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