New tennis courts are built in Albena

On 12 new tennis courts and a tennis stadium will be able to compete and to train professionals and amateurs in Albena. The sports fields are now being built in front of hotel Dobrudzha. The first stage of the project for building 7 court, will be completed by Easter 2017 / April 16th/. The courts are not only for conducting training camps, but cover all the requirements for hosting professional tournaments, explained the head of the sports department in the resort Ruslan Yordanov.

new tennis courts Albena

All courts will be with fire clay . The total area of the tennis courts will be 9492 square meters and the adjacent infrastructure still nearly 5,000 sq. meters, added Yordanov. The terraces are mobile and in the first stage 500 spectators will be able to watch the games. The interest in tennis courts in Albena grows every year, reported Yordanov. And he explained that there is a reason – the complicated situation in Turkey made the Russian coaches to prefer Albena for training their players.

new tennis courts Albena

Tennis is one of the sports for which Albena grew by 20 percent of the sports tourism last year. Revenues for 2016 compared with a year earlier are with 6% more, and compered to 2014 the growth is 19%, explained Marina Ruseva – manager “Analyses and Forecasts” at the resort. Next year tourists will be able to try also the new horse tours that will be organized in Albena.

new tennis courts Albena
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