New Tourist Attraction in the Black Sea

New Tourist Attraction in the Black Sea

The Institute of Oceanology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, within the project Heras, together with divers and marine researchers, is developing a major tourist attraction at the seabed. According to the project, the area of the seabed between Kaliakra and Constantza is going to be searched for sunken artefacts. As stated by experts, there are sunken ships, ports and buildings dating back from the IV-V century BC in this area. All the objects will undoubtedly spark great interest among tourists from around the world and fans of the more extreme types of tourism. After the end of the research work, which should be completed next year, books and brochures with specially developed itineraries will be published in order to offer and promote one of the most modern and expensive tourist attractions. Parallely to this will be held trainings for tourists as well for diving instructors.

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