A new tourist catamaran will operate in Burgas next summer

A new tourist catamaran, which will take Bulgarian and foreign guests on a sea walk in the Burgas Bay, is being built in the seaside town. The ship, which can carry up to 100 passengers, will work all year round. The vessel will make courses to the island of St. Anastasia, the fishing ports in the district of Sarafovo and Chengene Skele, to nearby coastal sites and to the boat dock in Kraimorie, the Burgas municipality announced.

 new ship Burgas

The catamaran can also be rented for weddings, birthdays, other celebrations and corporate parties. The vessel will have two engines, will be  20 meters long and nearly 8 meters wide. The ship’s equipment also includes solar panels to power the lighting and other consumers on board. There will be a bar for drinks and catering, as well as three bathrooms, one of which will be adapted for people with disabilities.
The new municipal tourist ship is expected to be launched next summer.

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