New water prices for hoteliers in Bulgaria

New fees for water supply will pay hoteliers, if  the new regulations suggested by the Ministry of Environment and Water are applied. The level limits that will affect the hoteliers were proposed by the Ministry of Tourism. The draft of the new ordinance is available for public comment until November 2nd.


The document provides hotels and accommodation facilities that use water to the limit to pay lower fees for the supply. The Ordinance covers hotels that use their own facilities, not services operators. The limits depend on the number of the stars of the hotel.


For the five-star hotels the monthly limit of water is 12 cubic meters for every bed. The rate falls along with the category. 4-star hotels have a limit of  6.4 cubic meters for bed. The  three-star hotels – 3 cc. For accommodations of 1 and 2 star the limit, which guarantees lower fee is 4.7 cubic meters. The tourist sites taht still has category will have the same limit as 1 -2 star-hotels, says the draft of the document.

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