Old jewelry and belts are shown at the Kyorpeev’s House in Kotel on 8 March

How did the Bulgarian girls beautify during the Renaissance and what kind of jewelry they wore at holidays, you can find out if you visit the exhibition in the ethnographic museum Kyorpeev’s House in Kotel. It will open for visitors on March 8, the International Women’s Day, at 4 p.m. Among the exhibits are original buckles, rings, earrings, belts, bracelets and pearl jewels.

Kyorpeev's house

A surprise for the visitors during the opening will be the performances of children from the group for authentic folklore at the national community center “Saglasie – Napreduk 1870”. The house where the exhibition will take place was the house of a rich local man with sheep flocks in Dobrudja and workshops in Karnobat – Radil Kyorpeyu.

Kyorpeev's house

The museum, presenting the life in Kotel during the Renaissance, consists of two buildings. The big house was built in 1872 by craftsmen from Tryavna. The building is two-story, with a large cellar. There was a party hall, a bedroom with a fireplace, a maid room and a living room, whose curly stars carpet impressed the visitors.

Kyorpeev's house

On the second floor of the museum are presented the handicraft weaving and abattoir. And the big kiosk served for a sweet talk with guests in the summer for a cup of hot coffee. In the cellar was the water well as well as the mill.

Kyorpeev's house
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