Pamporovo becomes spa destination

The ski resort Pamporovo has all the chances to become a year-round spa destination. This will be possible if the project for a new pipeline from the village of Beden to the winter complex succeeds. The Bulgarian government has already invested 2.5 million lev in building the pipeline from the of hot mineral spring in the village of Beden to Devin. “We fought for this for 10 years and finally the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov understood the great importance of this investment”. This were the words of the the chairman of the Bulgarian Union of balneology and spa Stefan Sharlopov on the Third annual congress of the organization in St. St. Konstantin and Elena.

The idea is the unused flow of new waterpipe to be redirected to Pamporovo. This can happen in two years, explained Sharlopov. He added that the investment would be similar to that in the first phase of the project – 2.5 million lev. With these funds, however Pamporovo will be able to become a successful year-round destination. The flow of the spring in the village of Beden is 12-14 liters per second.

In the village the thermal water springs at a temperature of 72 degrees Celsius and is expected to arrive in Pamporovo about 10 degrees less. The Beden’s water  is slightly mineralized. It helps to treat diseases of the digestive system, and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, neurological, gynecological and skin diseases.

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