In Panagyurishte starts a world championship of fireworks

For the fifth consecutive year in Panagyurishte will be held a world championship for the most beautiful fireworks for the host city cup. The beginning of the fiery beauty in the sky will be given on May 26, and the program and races will continue until the 28th. Every evening guests and residents of Panagyurishte will enjoy the colorful fireworks in the sky. In the competition will participate, three teams, including last year’s Belarusian winner. Competitors for the Cup will also be the teams from Tatarstan / Kazan / and Kazakhstan.

fireworks panagyurishte

Each team will present a 2-minute free show that will not be evaluated. For the competition program, they will need to prepare a firework for 3 to 7 minutes. The World Championship will be opened with a concert of the young hope of the Bulgarian musical scene Mihaela Marinova and the tandem on stage and in life Alex Raeva and DJ Doncho. Naturally, the program will continue with a warming fire. On the first night, will show their skills the team of Belarus, and the evening will continue with performances of the metal band Simai.

fireworks panagyurishte

On the second evening, the audience will have fun with the rapper Krisko, the eternal band Diana Express and the Sevi rockers. And the racing fireworks will be from the team of Tatarstan. On the last night, the team from Kazakhstan will present their skills. The audience will dance in the rhythm of the songs of Dara and the groups Atlas and The doctors. On the 28th will be the official awarding of the winners.

fireworks panagyurishte
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