With a new golden dome the Pantheon of the Revivalists welcomes guests in Ruse

The Pantheon of the Revivalists of the Bulgarian National Revival welcomes visitors to Ruse with an impressive new golden dome and completely renovated. Gold with a sample of 23.75 carats was used to cover the 155-square-meter dome, and the work lasted more than a month. The surrounding area of ​​the national ossuary was renovated with money from the cross-border program with Romania.

Panteon Ruse
In the Pantheon of the National Revival, built in the 1970s, the bones of Lyuben Karavelov, Zahari Stoyanov, Stefan Karadja, Panayot Hitov, Baba Tonka, Nikola Obretenov, Panayot Volov, Angel Kanchev and other prominent participants in the national liberation were laid. As well as the remains of war heroes of the Serbo-Bulgarian War, the Serbo-Turkish War and others.
Under the renovation project, the letters with which the names of over 400 defenders of the Bulgarian Revival were written were also cleaned. An exhibition corridor has also been formed. A number of internal and external repairs have been carried out, such as strengthening the structure of the main entrance of the building, new drainage, replacement of the facade cladding, installation of new waterproofing, external and internal artistic lighting, new irrigation system, landscaping and more. A video surveillance system has also been installed.
Panteon Ruse

The project also envisages the supply of equipment for the construction of a new tourist route, publication of a catalog and creation of a website presenting cultural heritage in the Ruse-Giurgiu region.

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