The park for dancing bears near Belitsa welcomes visitors again

The park for dancing bears near Belitsa has reopened to visitors, as it did not receive guests during the cold months in order not to disturb the winter sleep of its inhabitants. Currently, it is actually one of the most interesting periods for observing animals that are active after several months of rest. Spring is the beginning of both the breeding season and the mating games of bears. Among the newest inhabitants is 4-year-old bear called Teddy, who arrived in Belitsa from a zoo in the fall.

bear belitsa

The walks in the tourist park will take place in the period from 12 o’clock to 6 pm. Guided tours are still injured, but there will be guides in several places in the park to answer visitors’ questions. Currently, the information center and the panoramic terrace remain closed. Large groups will not be accepted, and the maximum number of people who can enter at the same time is four.

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