Michaela Filleva will sing at the Pavlikeni Egg Festival

Once again, Pavlikeni will host an Egg festival. The holiday will continue throughout the day on April 29 from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the town park „Kiril Rakarov“. A rich musical program is provided for the good mood of the guests. The young Bulgarian singer Michaela Fileva is most awaited by the audience. In addition, dozens of folk groups and ensembles will sing and dance through the whole day.

egg festival pavlikeni fileva

The visitors will be able to taste a variety of home-made specialties from eggs. And to vote for the most delicious dishes in a culinary contest. They can also compete in a number of races. And for the audience, besides games, there are also a bunch of other surprises. Pavlikeni is proud to be one of the biggest egg producers in Bulgaria, so you can learn interesting facts about the delicious product and more about the region.

egg festival pavlikeni

A Dutch company that develops its business in the city has provided 5,000 eggs for the games and the tasty dishes of the festival. Among the most attractive games is the throwing of raw eggs at the target. You can also participate in sprint or slalom with eggs, relay and egg theft. For the bravest, there is organized Russian roulette with eggs. The participants are throwing at each other eggs, some of which are harsh. During the holiday you can also buy various souvenirs and local delicacies.

egg festival pavlikeni
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