Perperikon will have a 3D model

Kardzhali Municipality will make a 3D model of Perperikon. In addition, a tourist information center will be built to the most visited landmark in the Rhodope Mountains. This was announced by the Municipality of Kardzhali. The project will be implemented under the Bulgaria – Greece Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020 in partnership with the Greek municipality of Maronia.


The project value is 1.4 million euros and also includes the organization of a festival in Greece dedicated to Perperikon. The attraction is located 20 km away from Kardzhali and in recent years it is among the most visited in the country, thanks to the studies of Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov. Perperikon is a sacred city for the Thracians and even their capital, but its history began 8,000 years ago as a megalith sanctuary.


The fee for visiting Perperikon is 6 leva (approximately 3 Euro) per person and students and students pay 2 leva (approximately 1 Euro). Reductions are also provided for groups. If they include more than 20 people, then the cost of visiting is half as cheap. Children under 7 years of age and people with disabilities can visit Perperikon completely free of charge.

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