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If you’ve long missed a humorous play but at the same time that gives you a reason for reflection, be sure to see George Kaplan. The three-part play will provoke you with numerous storylines. Her author, Frederick Zontag, plays the conspiracy theories, approaching them in a very clever way.

theater Sofia

The translation and directing are done by Dimitar Uzunov, who, besides having studied and graduated in France, had the opportunity to work with the stars of the European Theater. The play, which you can see in Sofia on November 7 at 08.30 pm at the French Institute in Bulgaria, will tell you about Hollywood’s influence on perception.

theater Sofia

You will learn more about the political importance of myths, about Alfred Hitchcock’s involvement in an international conspiracy, a hen that can save mankind and a name that can change the world. During and after the play, the viewer asks what the truth is. Who is manipulating us and for what purpose? And who or what is actually George Kaplan?

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theater Sofia
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