Plovdiv doesn’t sleep in the Night of Museums

Plovdiv again will not sleep during the two days of the festival the Night of Museums. In 2016 it will be held on 23rd and September 24th. During the two days the museums and the galleries in the European capital of culture 2019 will open after midnight. The residents and the visitors of Plovdiv will be able to watch various performances. The entrance to all of them is free.

Plovdiv Night Museums

However, there are a lot of economic benefits for Plovdiv from the Festival. As approximately 60 000 visitors during the two days of the festival spend money in the restaurants and the shops of the city. At the same time the reservations for
the local hotels jump by 50%. So if you want to become a part of the festival, consider where you will be staying in advance.

Plovdiv Night Museums

In addition to the traditional participants the Night of Museums in Plovdiv provides a platform for young artists. The great interest to the event helps project debuted in it to have an extremely successful development since then. The festival even has its own fund, which is used to help artistic projects. During the Night of the museums you can visit a variety of jazz performances, to develop new skills such as painting on a glass, to find galleries and museums whose existence you have never suspected and to mix with the crowd of smiling admirers of art.

Plovdiv Night Museums
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