The stone forest Pobitite Kamuni still hides its secrets

The area Pobitite Kamuni – the stone forest near Varna still hides its secrets and mysteries, despite the numerous efforts by scientists to reveal how it was formed. The place is the only natural formed desert in Eastern Europe. But for the average visitor that’s not the most impressing fact.

The stone pillars of limestone rise to a height of 12 meters, attached as if by magic in their places. No one is currently solved how was formed the stone whimsical shapes. The theories are few, but unproven. According to the first of them, nearly 50 million years ago in the field of 18 km of contemporary Varna was a sea. When the waters retreated, the rock bottom was exposed to the wind and the sun, and thus formed the bizarre stone figures.

According to another theory the stone forests are actually the remains of corals. Proponents of a third version are convinced that in the hollow columns are formed initially around fossilized tropical trees that roten and leaved the columns with a hollow interior. Others are sure that the structures are formed on natural gas sources. Or that the stone forest is the core of rocks destroyed by time.

There are also legends about the stone forest Pobitite kamuni. According to one giants brought the stones because they wanted to use them for the building of the Bulgarian capital Pliska. Myths of course can not do without love. So another fairy version tells of a young man to whom God who revealed his name and gave immorality. But the God warned the lad that if he betray his name to anyone he will become mortal again.

But the young man felt in love on the beachwith a fabulous girl. And he asked Marine Titans to help him to win the lady. In return, they asked the boy to reveal the name of God. Love lad was so in love that agreed. So the next morning he arranged the Titans in the field that is today near Varna and wrote with their bodies the name of God. The Lord was touched by the love of the young man and his sacrifice and frozen the bodies of the Titans. So they can still be seen in today in the stone forest Pobitite Kamuni.

The field stone formations is so great that it will hard to see the whole place just for a day. The most famous group of stones is called Dikliktash. The entrance fee to walk around the stones is 3 lev or approximately 1,5 euro. And then it depends on your imagination depends whether you will guess the names of the stone structures – the camel, the throne, the guards and etc.

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