The prices of ski passes in Bansko will remain the same this winter

The prices of ski passes in the resort of Bansko will remain the same during this winter. Passes will not be expensive. In addition, to the end of November the seasonal cards will be sold at a discount. Instead of 1,500 lev /approximately 750 euro/ski pass for the winter will cost 1,200 lev /approximately 600 euro/. For children up to 7 years the pass for the whole winter season will cost 100 lev /approximately 50 euro/.

bansko prices ski passes

You can have cheaper seasonal passes if you decide to have fun with the whole family. A seasonal pass for a family with one child under 16 years costs 3,000 lev /approximately 1500 euro/, for a couple with two children under 16- 4000 lev /approximately 2000 euro/, for two parents with three children – 5000 lev /approximately 2500 euro/. And for each additional child in the family the price increases by 1000 lev or approximately 500 euro.

bansko prices ski passes

In all the ski passes is included mountain insurance. The seasonal and family passes provide also an advantage at the gondola.

The price of one-day ski pass remains 58 lev / approximately 29 euro /for adults. Students pay 53 lev / approximately 26 euro /and youngsters from 7 to 12 years – 49 lev / approximately 24 euro /. The price for children aged up to seven years is symbolic and the pass costs only 1 lev per day /approximately 0,50 euro /.

bansko prices ski passes

There are also half-day passes for those who choose to ski or snowboard after 12.30 a.m. The price for adults is 45 lev /approximately 22 euro/, for students 34 lev /approximately 17 euro/, for children 7 to 12 years 27 lev/approximately 13,5 euro/. Two-day card costs 90 lev /approximately 45 euro/, 81 lev /approximately 40 euro/, 56 lev /approximately 28 euro/.

bansko prices ski passes

A ski pass for 6 days in Bansko cost 272 lev /approximately 136 euro/ for adults, 224 lev /approximately 112 euro/ for students and pupils, 132 lev /approximately 66 euro/ for children from 7 to 12 years and only  6 lev /approximately 3 euro/ for children under the age of 7. The two-week pass costs respectively – 560 lev /approximately 280 euro/, 504 lev /approximately 252/, 260 lev /approximately 130 euro/and 13 lev /approximately 6,5 euro/.

Bansko offers also ski passes for 20 days. The price is 800 lev /approximately 400 euro/ for adults, 750 lev /approximately 375 euro/ for students, 700 lev /approximately 350 euro/ for children from 7 to 12 years and 20 lev /approximately 10 euro/for the kids.

For fans of skating at the resort will open also a renovated skating rink.

bansko prices ski passes
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