Prices of aquaparks in the sea resorts of Bulgaria

There are several aquaparks in Bulgarian sea resorts in which you can have fun during the summer months. They offer different adventures and prices for the tickets. Here are the best of them to choose from. Aquamania water park is located in Albena resort. The facilities and the design is one of its kind in Southeast Europe. The aquapark is spreading on an area of 30 000 square meters. Every visitor feels like he is having a space adventure in an unknown galaxy spaceship. You can try  different slides.  

 Aquamania prices aquaparks bulgaria
For example the ProRacer –  one of the most famous types of water slides in the world. Its total length is 315 meters, it has four parallel lanes, where exciting competitions can be carried out. The Mammoth slide is 183 meters long and 20 meters high. Visitors can experience the pleasure of rafting in this water attraction. With an inflatable ring, which can fit up to 4 people, people go down the winding channels of the slide.  “The Lazy river” sneaks its way lazily under the shade of trees, rushing rapids flow into the rocky canyons. “The Wild River” has exciting fountains which explode in a pageant of colors and shapes.
For children Aquamania water park offers smaller versions of the all the facilities for adults – Tornado, ProRacer, Twister and mini river designed especially for the youngest visitors.
Aquamania prices aquaparks bulgaria
The aquapark working time is from 10 a.m to 18 p.m until 15 th of September.
If you are a guest of the hotels Primasol Ralitsa superior aquaclub, Primasol Ralitsa superior and Vita Park you  get a free entrance to the aquapark.
The prices for the other visitors are depending on how tall is the tourist. For children up to 90 centimeters the entrance is free. From 91 centimeters to 120 cm the tickets cost 15 leva /apx 7,5 euro/ and for the visitors above that height – 35 leva /apx 17,5 euro/. There is a group ticket for 5 grownups and its price is 150 leva /apx 75 euro/. There are also cheaper packeges for half a day entrance.
The Attraction Park Aquapolis in Golden Sands is the first one in Bulgaria, established in a unique Mauritian Mediterranean style. It is situated in the forest. From there you can have a unique view to the sea and the whole tourist resort. Established on an area of 40 000 square meters, Aquapolis combines a natural park environment with a series of artificially created elements – pools, water slides, Jacuzzi, fountains and waterfalls, ancient towers and ruins. Up to 3000 visitors could reside simultaneously there.

Aquapolis prices aquaparks bulgaria   A climbing rock with seven optional routes had been positioned at the park entrance, with instructors of the extreme sports club Adrenaline available. An amphitheater, waterfall and artificial lake and a panoramic snack-bar Alcazar had been developed in the approximate vicinity of the rock.The so-called Extreme zone had been established for the fans of adrenaline-rush events, featuring various breath-taking slides.   Aquapolis prices aquaparks bulgaria   In addition to the water facilities you can have fun also on the shooting range designed for both children and adults or at the 3 meters high climbing rock for children. Throughout the whole season parties, children animation, competitions, promotions, lotteries with lots of prizes and games are conducted in Aquapolis. There is also a parking space, accommodating 100 cars and 10 buses, equipped with a special section for direct transport of disabled people to the Aquapolis entrance.   Aquapolis prices aquaparks bulgaria   The prices depend on how long you will stay in Aquapolis. If you want a ticket for the whole day you have to pay 16 leva /apx 8 euro/ for visitors between 90 cm and 120 cm high. And if you are above the price is 33 leva /apx 16,5 euro/. All children under 90 cm enter for free. The prices for half a day are 12 leva /apx 6 euro/ for visitors from 90 cm up to 120 cm and 24 leva /apx 12 euro/ for the people above.   Booking hotels in Golden Sands  

Aqua Paradise in Nessebar is the largest and the most advanced water park project on the Balkans. The total area of the park is 46 000 sq. m and the total length of the slides is over 1500 m. The attractions you can try there are over 40.
Aqua Paradise prices aquaparks bulgaria
The Children’s Paradise is constructed especially for the youngest guests. There is a children’s playground, puppet show and free children’s corner with Children’s Pool,  Multislide, Slides Ship, Bunny Slide, Mushroom, Octopus Slide,  Snake Slide and Seesaws. The grownups can enjoy the Butterfly Swimming Pool, Paradise Island, The Pearl of the Orient , the wave pool and the amphitheater. Or to go for a Tsunami, Anaconda, Tornado, Black Hole, Aladdin’s Lamp, Deep Blue, Phantom, Zebra Black Hole, Wild Cobra, Slalom, Free Fall and Climbing Wall. There are also three kinds of rivers – “lazy”, “crazy” and “rafting”.
Aqua Paradise prices aquaparks bulgaria
The prices here also depend on how tall are the visitors. Everyone up to 90 centimeters enters for free. From 90 cm to 130 cm the tickets cost 30 leva /apx 15 euro/ and for the tourists above 130 cm – 40 leva /apx 15 euro/. There is also an economy package for using the facilities half day.
 Aqua Planet in Primorsko is situated in the middle of a big sports complex, offering a wide variety of opportunities for active sports like handball, volleyball, basketball, tennis and aerobics. In Aqua Planet there are two large swimming pools with artificial wave generation system.
 Aqua Planet prices aquaparks bulgaria
The park offers various types of entertainment with interesting and fun names, for both children and adults – Family rink, Cobra, Octopus, Elephant, Clown, Black Hole, Kamikaze, Centrifuge, Tsunami. For the youngest visitors the aqua park offers children’s pool and a big artificial river.
The prices here also depend on how tall is the visitor. For children up to 90 cm height the entrance is free. The price for the whole day are 16 lv /apx 8 euro/ for everyone who is between 90 cm and 130 cm high. And 26 leva for all that above this height. If you go to Aqua Planet only for the hours between 2 p.m and 7 p.m. the price is 11 leva /apx 5,5 euro/ for all who are from 90 cm to 130 cm high. And 16 /apx 8 euro/ leva for the grownups.
Action Aquapark in Sunny Beach does not offer simple water facilities, but rather represents its guests with emotion and shared moments. In Action Aquapark you can try and feel the fastest water slide – drop with over 60 km/h speed, the highest – 18 meters in the sky and the longest – 120 meters.
Action Aquapark prices aquaparks bulgaria
Or to have fun with the high-speed slides X-Treme, Free Fall, Kamikaze and Hydrohute, the dynamic Niagara and the mysterious Black Hole. Or to relax rowing through the park on the 330 meters long Lazy River. There are als0 other different attractions for the whole family.
Action Aquapark prices aquaparks bulgaria
The prices again depend on how tall is the visitor. Children up to 90 centimeters enter for free. These  between 90 cm and 130 cm have to pay 19 leva /apx 9,5 euro/ for the whole day and 14 leva /apx 7 euro/ for the hours between 3 p.m and 6 p.m. The ticket for all above that height costs 38 leva  /19 euro / for the whole day and 28 leva /14 euro/ for the economy package.

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