In the village of Priseltsi jump over a fire to celebrate the holiday Pali Kosh

The Pali Kosh festival is traditionally celebrated in the village of Priselci, Avren municipality on the night before Sirni Zagovezni. Thus, on February 17, at night all residents and guests of the village will jump over a large fire for health. In addition to the Christian feast, Sirni Zagovezni on that day is celebrated the birth of the spring. However, many rituals accompanying the holiday are of a pagan nature.

Pali Kosh Priseltsi

Small and large make their own mummer suits that they wear on this day to drive the evil out of the village. A contest for the most original mask is organized, and all participants are awarded prizes. The winner of the competition is given the right to ignite the ritual fire.

Pali Kosh Priseltsi

The fire sometimes reaches a height of 7-8 meters. Part of the holiday is also the „hamkane” custom. Sweet temptation hangs, tied to a thread and turns around in a circle. The aim is to be caught and bite without the use of hands. Then the thread is burned, and according to the way it is burning, what is the year.

Pali Kosh Priseltsi
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