€ 500 prize for drawing or photo montage

500 will be awarded to the winner of the „The Castle In Love with the Wind after 100 years competition. The competition is for photo montage, graphics, drawings or mixed photographic equipment in which can participate people from all over the world. Photoes for your masterpieces, you can download from https://www.voubs.com/stuff/castle.rar to process according to the theme of the competition and through the technique you have chosen to participate.


You can also find photos on the site of one of the most visited native attractions – https://zamaka.bg/. To create unique works you have 60 days until September 29th. The prize pool of the competition is EUR 1000, half of which will be awarded to the winner. The second and third place finishers will take € 300 and € 200 respectively.

ravadinovo castle

Anyone can participate with more than one work. 10% of the vote in the evaluation of the works will be from public vote, and 90% will weigh the jury’s evaluation. The jury and the audience will have 7 days to review and evaluate the works of the participants. The winners will be announced on October 7th. The copyright of the participating photo montages, graphics and drawings will be provided to the organizer.

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