Programming Robots and Scout Camp for Father’s Day in Sofia

Father’s Day will be celebrated at the National Military History Museum in Sofia. Visitors and their children will be able to visit the museum completely free on June 16 from 10 am to 6 pm and get involved in a variety of attractions. Among the most interesting challenges are the programming of robots and the Scout Camp.

Children and their parents can take advantage of the summer reading room and try different sweet temptations. Especially for the event, the Bulgarian Army presents Military Machines “Mercedes” like the armoured machine “Commando-Selective”, armoured fighting jeep “Sand Cat”, an ambulance, participating in missions, and a training catapult seat. All those wishing will be able to enter the cabins of some of the most attractive machines of the museum’s external exposition – the Mi-24 helicopter, the Tundzha self-propelled mortar and the 2K 52 Frown Luna-M rocket complex.


Among the other attractions prepared for Father’s Day are video games, a virtual reality zone, a designer for young discoverers, house assemblies. Visitors can listen to fairy tales, try to solve logical tasks and various interactive games. Kids will be able to jump on a huge mattress, make a keychain or magnet, paint on water, and in the fabulous fairy city will be what they want – mayor, artist, chef or journalist.


Father’s Day will be marked with free entrance for fathers, uncles, grandparents and their children in the Regional History Museum in Stara Zagora. There, too, they will be able to get acquainted with the incredible historical exhibits. A demonstration of arms from the Russian-Turkish Liberation War will be presented between 11 am and 12 o’clock.

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