Putin became a fan of the Castle in Ravadinovo

The Russian President Vladimir Putin is a fan of the castle “In Love With The Wind” near Ravadinovo. The head of state has followed the Bulgarian attraction and has joined the group of the native landmark in the social network Vkontakte. This is one of the most powerful online platforms in Russia, which is competing for interest on the part of the Russian public with Facebook.

ravadinovo castle

Putin is already informed about the latest events, news and initiatives of “In love with the wind” thanks to his official social networking profile. That behind him personally the Russian head of state is confirmed by credible sources.

ravadinovo castle

On this occasion, on August 29, the “In Love In the Wind” Castle near Ravadinovo will be held “Evening of The Russian Culture”. All attendees will be able to enjoy Russian songs, traditional Russian dances, to taste typical drinks and food. In addition, the guests on the Russian night will receive memorial gifts on behalf of the  Castle. Special invitations for the event have already been prepared, but in the event can take part anyone who is interested in the Russian culture.

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