Raduil appreciates the most delicious bean dishes

The culinary masters will have a field of expression during the Bobfest festival (Beanfest) in the village of Raduil, Samokov municipality. On August 31 from 11am, immediately after the opening of the event, which in addition to the culinary has a folklore nature, the cooks will be able to present recipes that are based on the bean product or at least contain it.

bean festival Raduil

In additio, in the competition will be able to participate various pastry cookies such as cakes, loaves, cupcakes, pies and more, the organizers explain. For the masters of the most delicious meals, prizes are provided. All those who want to participate in the tasty race must be at 10.30 am at the “Hristo Botev-1903” Community Center in order to receive a competition number for their meal.

bean festival Raduil

In fact, delicious meals will be part of the accompanying program of the folklore festival, which will be held in the village over the weekend. During the two days, you will have the opportunity to hear authentic and stylized folk works, as well as to see traditional dances from Bulgaria and Ukraine, from 11am on Saturday to 5am on Sunday.

bean festival Raduil

The festival is competitive. Therefore, the singing groups will also have 10 minutes available to charm the jury, the dance troupes will have 15 minutes and the ensembles will have half an hour. The grand prize is called the Golden Bean. There will also be awarded the Gold Fasulizer Medals, the Mayor of Raduil Award and an Audience Award.

bean festival Raduil
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