6 reasons to Explore the Beautiful Bulgaria

If you are thinking to take your clan to the next holidaying destination, add Bulgaria to your list. The Eastern European’s premier destination, Bulgaria has the combination of best of the hotels, resorts and the stunning white stretch of sand.

This complete package at Bulgaria will also include the important sightseeing places located in the nation. So have a look at the reasons for exploring the beautiful Bulgaria with your beautiful family.

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If you don’t visit the Waterparks while you are in Bulgaria, then your family holiday would be a total waste. The waterparks like The Action Aquapark consists of approximately 30 attractions for the people of all ages. It includes KamiKaze and Hydrochute.

Additionally, there is a mini-sized zoo too for those individuals who want to take the aquarides slowly and gradually. Furthermore, there is a themed-park called Aqua Paradise which homes the Bulgaria’s longest slide. Plus, there are some other features as well which includes hydrotherapy, whirlpool, and massage.


Khan’s Tent

If you are in Bulgaria, then this Khan’s Tent is a place that you can’t afford to miss. The Place is having a Vegas-styled environment along with the arrangement of the dinner which is popular amongst all ages.

Munch on the meal with the complement of half bottle wine specified for one person. The venue where the Tent is located at a jaw-dropping location. So if you want to have an amazing panoramic view of the city and the surrounding area, then the Khan’s Tent is the best option.

beautiful Bulgaria
beautiful Bulgaria

Resort Pools with Plenty of Beaches

There are many resorts, inns and hotels in Bulgaria with some of the best amenities and service that you have ever experienced. The swimming pools that are available inside the inns are such that you won’t be able to resist for a dip.

If you think that these inns are outside your budget, then try for the Travelodge offers on your Hotel booking everytime you visit there.

aquahouse swimming mineral pools konstantin and elena

Inflatable Slides and Rides

There are many inflatable rides and slides just for entertainment and adventure. There are little slides for the fairies and angels those who would be coming. And there would be slingshots and jumping games for those tiny monsters to touch the sky.

Furthermore, there are many inflatable castles in the playgrounds along with the castles for the toddlers and tots. But most of them are paid ones. So better that you be aware!


Pirate Cruise

The Pirate Cruise is a themed-game park for the little guests and those tiny tourists who are landing up in Bulgaria for the first time. The games that are included in this themed-park comprises of pirate makeovers and face painting similar to that of the pirates.

The feast is also organised according to the theme and whoever wins this will get a chance to swim in the sea.

sea adventure

Bear Sanctuary

If you want to step into Bulgaria, the Bear Sanctuary is the best place that you will get loads of cuteness in one space itself. At the Sanctuary, you will get some of the finest retired dancing bears. This means that they have not retired yet!!

bears park belica

Let’s the wrap..!!

The list mentioned above is just the tip of the gigantic iceberg below the sea. The best time to explore the whole of this iceberg is early June. However, the peak time hits later in June. So plan your next holiday for Bulgaria at cheaper pricing for your package and visit.

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