Guinness Cocktails are offered in Sofia

If you are dreaming  a cocktail world champion to mix you alcoholic and non-alcoholic masterpieces and you are in Sofia, do not miss to stop at Penchis Bar. The restaurant, whose menu offers thousands of cocktail variations, is at the site of the Prosec brothers’ legendary brewery against the central entrance of the Bulgarian National Television.

cocktails sofia

This is actually the bar offering the most cocktails in the world -2014, but surprises for the customers are not over yet. You can get a cocktail according to your perfume, mood or even your favorite color. Use your fantasy and ask for a specially designed drink or trust the bartenders’ skills.

cocktails sofia

Or try one of six types of cocktails that mature in oak barrels. If you are lucky, your drink will be made by one of the Bulgarian prides in the Vassil Kolev branch, which has won several times the world championship in different categories. One of the owners is also included in Guinness book by number of cocktails Pencho Penchev.

cocktails sofia
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