Research and treatment of diseases of social importance, carried out in the Eco Complex “Topola Skies”

For a period of two weeks (from August 10 to 25, 2011), on the territory of the Eco Complex “Topola Skies”, a research and a monitoring have been carried out, involving more than 70 people with various health problems. The complex is situated 150 m above sea level, in the eco area of Topola village, between the towns of Balchik and Kavarna. The research aim was to find out whether the specific climate, the constantly changing air flows, combined with a healing rest, based on hydrotherapy, climatotherapy, mineral and structured water drinking, together with confining to the recommendations for balanced and healthy diet, would restore and enhance health condition in a natural way. The study was held by the expert Mr. Ivan Todorov – a specialist in radioesthesia (commonly known as dowsing) as well as in the field of natural therapies, and his wife Mrs. Elena Todorova – a Master of Pharmacy, pursuing a Ph.D. degree in the field of „Oxydology and applied kinesiology”. The research used the method of the “live blood drop” and was held with 70 people who were staying on the territory of the complex “Topola Skies”. The most common diseases among the participants were hypertonia, endocrine system problems, diabetes, nervous tension, fatigue, depression, headache, respiratory tract problems, gastrointestinal tract dysfunctions, high levels of cholesterol. The recommendations of the naturopath Ivan Todorov were based on the following activities: intake of relevant quantity of structured water (water that cleanses the body of the accumulated toxins) between certain amounts of time; adhering to an individual nutrition plan. It appeared that in the two weeks course, after following the recommendations for structured water intake and adherence to a nutrition plan, combined with climatotherapy and spa treatments, the health condition of the participants in the research had been improved. Also the normal functioning of their body systems had recovered and further sustained, only two days after their arrival in the complex. The results given can be explained with the following arguments:

  • „Topola Skies“ complex is built in an area that is extremely favorable for general health restoration and improvement, and also suitable for recreation. Very important indicators for this are the low background radiation, the lack of geopathogenic and technogenic harmful radiations, the combination of fresh sea and mountain air. Near the „Topola Skies“ Eco complex there is a mineral spring with drinking water . The guests of the resort can freely use that gift of the nature. The water in it is absolutely clean as there is neither heavy industry, nor any production, polluting the environment, on the territory of this natural reserve. The soil in the area is pure and lacks any chemical preparations.
  • The level of background relic radiation in the area of „Topola Skies“ is 0,007 – 0,009 microsieverts, which is considerably lower than the normal radiation levels. Today, in our modern world, such areas with that low level of background radiation are rare to find. This is typical for sacred places (In Bulgaria these are Madara, Belogradchik Rocks, Perperikon, Kaliakra, Kamen Bryag, Rila lakes etc.). The stay in such areas, even for only few hours, provides anyone with the opportunity to get rid of fatigue, mental, physical and emotional strain.

In addition to the factual proofs for the influence of both the location and the special characteristics of the air over the studied group of people, all other factors, such as sea, sun, air, pure drinking water, hot mineral springs, natural liman lakes (a source of mud rich in chemical components) and mud treatment, make for genuine opportunities for excellent healthy recreation in “Topola Skies” – a sui generis natural reserve.

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