The resorts near Varna will have free wi-fi

The resorts near Varna like Golden Sands and St. St. Konstantin and Elena will have free wi-fi from this summer. The tourists will be able to surf there for free. The municipal council allocated 30,000 leva or around 15, 000 euro for this purpose. For the guests of Varna, this summer and the complexes around the city will be available also free maps. At the schemes will be marked all the attractions and the museums that tourists can visit during their stay in the city.

Golden Beach

Among the unique things that they can see in Varna is the oldest gold treasure in the world. It is stored in the Archaeological Museum. These items are made 7000 – 8000 years ago and are among the most impressive exhibits in the museum you still will be amazed by the other hidden treasures in it.

Among the attractions of the city are also the largest Roman baths in the Balkans. They are the fourth biggest in the world and were built in the first century AD. The walls reach up to 22 meters. The buildings in them extend whole 7000 m2. To see them you have to pay an entrance fee from 5 leva or approximately 2,5 euro. There is also a possibility to order a guided tour that will make the ruins really come to life before your eyes. Nearby are situated the small Roman baths, which served the ancient Odessos during the 3-4 century AD.


In Varna, you can also swim with dolphins in one of the symbols of the city – Festa dolphinarium. The experience that happens once in a lifetime worths 200 leva /approximately 100 euro/. If you have the patience to wait until late summer you can swim with a dolphin in October when the price of the pleasure is just 100 leva /approximately 50 euro/. The entrance to the performance of the marine mammals costs 20 leva /approximately 10 euro/.

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