A retro train travels between Varna and Ruse for 25 eurocents

For just 25 eurocents you can travel with vintage train from Varna to Rousse. In fact, the journey itself is free, but you pay a token amount for a reserved seat in the train, pulled by a steam locomotive. The trip will only take place on October 22nd. The limited tickets for the voyage are released today. The reason for the attraction is the 150th anniversary of the opening of the first railway line in Bulgaria.

retro train ruse varna

During the trip you can feel yourself like a king. Moreover, the wagon first class in this composition belonged personally to Tsar Boris III. The ruler of Bulgaria could invite guests because they provided 11 venues. Moreover, the wagon has a compartment with a bed, two cabins with double beds and four others with two beds. The luxurious furnishings of the wagon is preserved and the Damascus are authentic.

retro train ruse varna

The train will be drawn by a steam locomotive produced in 1942 in the locomotive factory “Henschell – Kassel”, Germany. The special trip will start at 08:15 from Varna railway station and will arrive at the station Ruse in 15:30. Passengers of the train will be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the era of the first voyage in 1866, provided by the local Big Band and Drama Theatre in Ruse. Upon consideration set out in the Museum exhibits will continue at the official celebration of the central railway station in the city near the Danube. On the station platform all who are willing will be able to meet the retro train and to take pictures with it.

retro train ruse varna

Travel tickets can be bought from all the stations on which the train will stop – Varna, Beloslav, Sindel, Provadia, Kaspichan, Hitrino, Samuil, Razgrad, Ruse and Vyatovo.

retro train ruse varna
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