Robbie Williams at SPIRIT of Burgas 2015

The ex star from TAKE THAT – Robbie Williams became really popular in the 90’s,when he began his solo career.

Robbie Williams is one of the most successful pop singers from Britain with 11 albums and over 70 million sales of his copies all over the world. Also he is in the Guiness book with his achievment of selling 1.6 million tickets for 1 day for concert of his tour ‘Intensive care’.

The new tour of Robbie Williams ‘Let me entertain you’ will be performed in 25 places in different parts of the world. One of his concerts will be in Burgas on the 7th of August. The concert will last for 2 hours and will include his most famous songs “Angels”, “Feel”, “She is the One”, “Freedom”, “Eternity”, “Me and My Monkey”, “Rude box”, “Let Me Entertain You”, “Rock DJ”.

Welcome to Spirit of Burgas 2015!

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