Romanian whisky will be aged in Bulgarian wine barrels

Carpathian Single Malt enters the Bulgarian market with two flavors, but has plans to expand the palette

The Romanian whisky brand Carpathian Single Malt plans to enter the international market with drinks with the finish and aroma of Bulgarian wines, as well. We are still looking for the most suitable variety of native wine to make the product more interesting and recognizable, and are currently negotiating with Bulgarian winemakers to purchase barrels in which Mavrud was aged. Company owner Nawaf Salameh and chief technologist Allan Anderson were looking for a Bulgarian red variety that would add a more curious character and flavor to the final product.


Meanwhile, Romanian whisky, which caused a real boom with its interesting taste qualities at an exhibition in London among professionals, is now available on the Bulgarian market. The price of one bottle is traded in the range of around BGN 100, and at the moment only two types of pita are available – finished in cognac barrels and in those in which ruby ​​port from Portugal was aged . All of the company’s whiskeys are initially aged in American oak casks from Kentucky to acquire the characteristic aroma of caramel and vanilla, and their subsequent ageing in casks that have stored selected wines and spirits from around the world makes them even more interesting for collectors. Whiskeys aged in wine casks of the Romanian “black girl” variety are likely to arrive on the domestic market yet( Fetească Neagră ), in Burgundy wine, Madeira Burta, Italian Amarone and Chianti, Cypriot Commandaria and others. The finishing is the magic of Carpathian Single Malt, which makes the drink so interesting and marketable.

Carpathian ‘s Master Distiller Alan Anderson boasts 30 years of experience in the world of whisky, having started his career in Scotland and continued in Ireland before joining the Romanian project. Soft water from the Subcarpathians, the specific taste of local barley, as well as traditional Scottish technology help the specific taste of Romanian whisky, Anderson said. Despite the difficulties of imposing the new product on the market, the representative for Bulgaria, Boris Gurov, is optimistic that the Carpathian’s qualities will help him fight the global competition in this class.

50 percent of people who buy whisky actually take it as a gift, with the aim of impressing and intriguing, and Romanian whisky is very suitable for this purpose, especially since according to professionals, apart from everything else, it is really and very good, explained the Global Brand Ambassador of Carpathian Single Malt, Colin C. Lovering. The investment is not small, and usually the income from investments in the world of whiskey remains with the grandchildren, not with the entrepreneurs themselves, Anderson explained with a smile when asked when Nawaf Salameh’s project is expected to bring a real return. For drinkers, however, this doesn’t really matter because it’s the taste that matters, and Carpathian’s is certainly worth a try, even if you have preconceived notions about where you think whiskey should come from. No wonder the taste knocks them over in just a few minutes.


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