The rose festival in Kazanlak starts on 13th of May

The rose festival in Kazanlak will take place from 13th of May to 12th of June this year. The first event of the almost month long fest is the contest “Rose Quееn”. On this occasion will be selected the most beautiful girl in the region who will take a main part in the celebrations. The winner will be crowned officially on 3th of June. On 21th and 22th is starting the rose picking in two villages near Kazanlak – Rajena and Kunchevo. orig_ba7b2f5cd40a7f4913ac1e32daa1f796 During the next month there will be a lot of exhibitions, competitions for modern and traditional dancing, concerts, rituals, work shops and happenings for the children. In Kazanlak will be opened also a market for traditional goods and handicrafts. During the festival will be held also a wine fest. The rose festival will be closed officially on 5th of June. But the week after there will be taking place an international competition for traditional dances and motor gathering. 038b522c76ee3d6cb23a382352a59821

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