5000 roses for the guests of Albena

Rosarium with 5 000 of the fragrant flowers, a symbol of Bulgaria, can visit the guests of Albena completely free of charge. The garden consists of four different spaces that present different varieties of the queen of the flowers. Exotic trees and shrubs complement the colorful landscapes near the Laguna Beach, Laguna Mare and Sandy Beach hotels.

roses albena

In the Rosarium you can smell the scent of the Bulgarian and Iranian oil-bearing rose, to see 3 kinds of Japanese and genuine Chinese rose, bourbon, galse, and musk rose. In addition, tourists do not miss to take pictures of the white rose of Yorkshire, Portland, Scottish, and English Roses, Ehlinteria and a mossy rose.

roses albena

Namely, the incredible landscaping in Albena distinguishes the Bulgarian resort from the other sea complexes, say the representatives of the green paradise. The entrance to the guests of the complex and its employees during this year is 10 leva /approximately 5 euro/, plus the same price of parking after entering Albena. Enough decided to leave their cars in the parking lot at the beginning of the resort to the bus station and to walk on pay 4 times less – 5 leva /approximately 2,5 euro/. The goal of the high prices is to preserve the green paradise of pollution, say from the management of Albena.

roses albena
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My greatest pleasure in life is to travel. Undoubtedly there are a lot of amazing places around the world worth visiting at least once in life. However, Bulgaria is such a place where you will wish to come back again and again. In every season and every region of this small country, you can find unique wonders. So share my travels.