Take a shower under the waterfall Samodivskoto Pruskalo

Only 2 km away from Devin is the incredible eco-path of Struilitsa-Kaleto-Laka. You can go there by car and leave it in the parking lot in the beginning. Then a pleasant and easy route is waiting for you. Initially, the forest path just winds through the trees. Then there is a road to the right where, after a short walk of about 30 minutes, you reach the waterfall named “Samodivsko pruskalo” /The fairy waterfall/.

samodivskoto praskalo waterfall

The waterfall descends steeply on the rocks of about 50 meters, and the splashes form a small pond. The brave ones can get dressed in swimming suits and take a bath or just take a picture of the rainbow that is formed in sunny weather in the waters of the waterfall. According to the legend, it was in this place that the idols danced their magical horo /typical  Bulgarian dance/, so the waterfall is called the Samodivsko pruskalo. After completing the forest bath or walking to the waterfall, go back to the main eco path.

samodivskoto praskalo waterfall

You can go a bit down along the Devinska River and reach the most beautiful part of the eco-adventure. The trail continues in the canyon above the river itself, moving along wooden bridges over clear river waters and stones. And so long as the road takes you to a vast meadow. This is the area of Lakata, where in the past was built medieval settlements. You have to climb another 800 meters if you decide to reach the fortress Kavursko Kale, whose bloom was during the period 6-9 century. Nearby is the Bear Waterfall.

samodivskoto praskalo waterfall

There is also a fishing zone along the eco path, but you are allowed to keep a maximum of 10 trout from your catch. There are also suitable picnic and barbecue areas where you can dine or just relax in nature. In addition, there are information signs from which you can read what plants, animals, and amphibians you can see during your walk.

samodivskoto praskalo waterfall

The total length of the entire eco path is 4 kilometers. If you want to walk slowly, take pictures and enjoy the surrounding landscape, the round trip will take you around 2-3 hours. The region of Devin is also rich in a variety of other sights such as Devil’s Throat Caves, Yagodinska and Uhlovitsa Caves, rock formations like the Stone Elephant and the Mother, the Ethnographic and Architectural Reserve Shiroka Laka, the Beadnos fortress. Besides, the town has been known since the time of the mythical singer Orpheus with its healing mineral water. When you are in Devin, do not miss and try Rhodope specialties like a man, a patatnik, marudnik, kiln and another temptations for the palate.

samodivskoto praskalo waterfall
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