In the footsteps of the poet Ivan Vazov towards Skaklya waterfall

Only an hour away from Sofia is one of the highest waterfalls in Bulgaria – Skaklya. You can easily access it if you decide to go by car to the village of Zasele. But if you prefer to take a pleasant walk, we recommend you starting your short journey from the town of Bov, so you can enjoy the wonderful scenery along the way. To climb to the top of the 120-meter-high waterfall you will need about an hour of slow-walking time.

skaklya waterfall

So you can enjoy the wonderful scenery along the way. To climb to the top of the 120-meter high waterfall you will need about an hour of slow walking time.

skaklya waterfall

The trail has been a favorite place for walking for the so called “patriarch of the Bulgarian literature” Ivan Vazov. While enjoying the majestic views, the author wrote one of his most famous short stories. At the beginning of the trail you will enjoy the cascades of the river and the tiny Kozarska cave.

skaklya waterfall

You must follow a path through the trees to the first drop of the waterfall, then you will pass by some panoramic views and finally there will be a steep slope. Part of the trail is built with massive steps made during the communism regime. Skaklya waterfall is the fourth highest in Bulgaria. The best time to visit it is after the snow melts and it is full of water.

Whenever you walk the path towards the waterfall you will not regret it because of the wonderful scenery and the rock wreath at the village Zasele. Interesting is the history of Bov. According to it, during the 4th Crusade in the 13th century, the armies of the Bulgarian Tsar Kaloyan captured the knights passing through Bulgaria at that time. And to be spared, they were forced to settle in Bov. Then the village began to bear the name of their leader Marquis Bov.

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