Sky lantern festival in Gabrovo

If you want your secret desires and prays to be heard, try to send them to heaven during the Sky lantern festival in Gabrovo. The event would be held this year for a sixth time in a row. You should give your dreams wings of fire and to wait them to come back to you fulfilled. On 3rd of September from 08:00 p.m. you can try this in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

Sky lantern festival Gabrovo

The festival will be held on Vuzrazhdane Square in the town. Its purpose is to celebrate freedom, love and peace. The view certainly is indescribable, after hundreds of blazing paper lanterns fly to the dark night sky.

Sky lantern festival Gabrovo

During the event you can enjoy also the fire acrobatic of the artists F.I.M.S. The organizers have also provided surprises.

Sky lantern festival Gabrovo
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