Snow downhill with bikes and competition for making snowmen in Vitosha Mountain

With several interesting competitions will celebrate the World Snow Day in Vitosha. Everyone who wants to take part in the holiday or just to have fun should be at 10 am on the 26th of January in front of the Aleko hut. This is also the time when contestants can enroll. The organizers have provided prizes for the winners.

vitosha ski

At 10.30 am begins the ski alpine skiing competition. At 11 am starts the parallel slalom competition for children, and the winner of each pair of youngsters will receive a prize. Ski instructors will provide free advice and lessons to small skiers.

vitosha ski

One of the most attractive races of the day will start at 11.30 am. Then begins snow downhill for bikers. The prepared route for the race will be 800 meters long, with numerous holes, jumps and demonstrations of different tricks. At 12.25 pm, everyone will be able to test their skills with the puzzles in the cross-country race.

vitosha ski

The entertainment will not stop afterwards. Also at 12.15 pm begins the evaluation of the participants in the carnival for the most attractive vision. At 12 o’clock the race begins to make the most beautiful snow figure. You can also test your strength in making the largest snowball, rope pulling and other fun games.

vitosha world snow day

Ski instructors will make a snow show and demonstrate skills and tricks with board and ski. At 1 pm the winners of the different categories will be awarded, and the audience can also win different surprises in fun quizzes. The festival traditionally includes singing and dances on a sculpted stage.

vitosha ski
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