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The Bulgarian capital Sofia is selected among the most attractive cities for tourism in the world. The reasons are dozens, but the main are the low prices , the preserved nature, the delicious food and the positive attitude towards tourists. The selection is made from the US edition Huffington Post. Sofia ranks 11th in the world as an attractive city to be visited. The Bulgarian capital helds this position in competition with 200 other cities around the world .

sofia cheap attractive

It is extremely cheap to visit the Bulgarian capital due to the prices of the food, rentals, hotels, movie tickets and even airplane tickets to Sofia.So Bulgaria is must to see. Before Sofia rank Lyon /France/, Lisbon /Portugal/, Wellington /New Zealand/, Riga /Latvia/, Prague /Czech Republic/, Ottawa /Canada/,  Santiago /Chile/, Hanoi /Vietnam/, Belfast /Ireland/ and Cape Town / South Africa/.

sofia cheap attractive

Among the landmarks , which you can enjoy while you are in Sofia, are The Largo – showing how looked the ancient Serdika and the rotunda “Sv. Georgi ” dating from the Roman Empire and built in the early 4th century.  You should also visit the National History Museum where you can admire the golden treasures of the Bulgarian rulers and the medieval Boyana Church , which is included in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO because of its valuable frescoes.

In the basilica “St. Sofia” , which today is a museum , you can step on anoriginal Roman mosaics. The temple ” St. Alexander Nevski” impresses with its architecture , and according to the beliefs of the people in the nearby Russian church your requests for miracles will be heard and fullfiled by St. Seraphim . Undoubtedly a reason to visit Sofia can be also the delicious food , the green environment, the nightlife and many more . So do not wait and prepare your suitcases in order to visit Sofia.

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My greatest pleasure in life is to travel. Undoubtedly there are a lot of amazing places around the world worth visiting at least once in life. However, Bulgaria is such a place where you will wish to come back again and again. In every season and every region of this small country, you can find unique wonders. So share my travels.