Spa hotel for dogs and cats opens in Velingrad

The first spa hotel for dogs and cats will open this year in Velingrad. With this, the destination hopes to become famous not only as the Balkan spa capital but also as a pet friendly destination. A huge complex with a hotel part, a hospital, premises for rehabilitation and post-hospital care, a mall for clothes, food and other extras for pets, a hairdressing salon, a professional hall for cynological and felinological exhibitions, veterinary seminars and conferences will be built. In addition, there are 4 large playgrounds for pets. Two of them will have a swimming pool, and the other two will be with a training track.

spa hotel cats and dogs Velingrad

The pets will be pampered with different types and compositions of mineral waters, treating musculoskeletal diseases for which Velingrad is famous. In addition, saltwater procedures suitable for skin diseases are provided. Each cat or dog will be accommodated in an apartment with an area of ​​2.5 to 8 square meters, which will have its own individual yard for walking, as well as a separate air conditioning system, so that each animal can enjoy the optimal temperature for his breed. 

spa hotel cats and dogs Velingrad

At any time, owners will be able to see what is happening at the moment with their pet, thanks to a constant online connection. While dog or cat owners enjoy their own vacation in Velingrad, the pet will be able to be trained, fed according to the owner’s preferences, walked or pampered with spa treatments for animals. Or have exercises with professional trainers to take care not only of his health but also of his good upbringing.

spa hotel cats and dogs VelingradIn addition, holiday discount packages will be offered in Velingrad, as well as discount membership cards. All hotels in the spa capital will now accept pets, just the nurseries will be accommodated in their own rooms, in the complex that is being built in city. The investment in the project is millions of levs, and the first pets will be welcomed for spa pampering by the end of the year.

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