The excellent beaches of Bulgaria

According to the report of the European environment agency 69 out of 93 beaches are rated as excellent for their quality of the water. The rest 24 beaches are covering the minimum criteria for safety and are rated as good for their quality of the water.

Most of the best beaches of Bulgaria are in Varna and the resorts situated near the city. The most remarkable beaches of that area of the country are the beaches of the resort ‘Riviera’, ‘Sea casino’, the beaches of ‘Kabakum’ and of course the beaches of St.Constantine and St. Helena and ‘Sunny day’.

Among the beaches situated in the city of Varna only ‘Briz Bunite’ is the beach that got rated as excellent. The water quality of the central and south beaches is rated as acceptable. The beaches that got comparatively low rates are the officer beach, the beaches of ‘Panorama’ and the beaches on Golden Sands.

The research of the European environment agency was carried out in 21 000 places on the territory of  the European Union, also in Switzerland and Albania. The research is based on the information of the year 2014.

You are welcome to visit the bulgarian beaches. We guarantee that you will enjoy your stay on the seaside of Bulgaria.



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My greatest pleasure in life is to travel. Undoubtedly there are a lot of amazing places around the world worth visiting at least once in life. However, Bulgaria is such a place where you will wish to come back again and again. In every season and every region of this small country, you can find unique wonders. So share my travels.