Weddings, wine and vintage photo in Srebrov house in Shumen

To make your wedding celebration in Renaissance atmosphere, to taste wine and make a retro photo in one of 130 vintage costumes you should visit Srebrov house in Shumen. It opens today for visitors after a long restoration. Besides the museum, the home of the Renaissance master Dimitar Srebrov, built in 1872, will be open to all kinds of events. A couple of Frenchmen have already expressed an interest in concluding their marriage in the house.

srebrov house shumen

It is no coincidence that in Srebrov house will work also a retro photo. In fact, there was a photographic studio inside, owned by the teacher’s uncle. So every guest of Shumen can now make as a  souvenir a photo in Turkish, Armenian or Romani costume. Or to shoot in a dress more than a century old or in retro wedding costume. In place of the tavern in the Renaissance house is now equipped winery for tastings and celebrations.

srebrov house shumen

Srebrov house is one of the most interesting architectural monuments in Shumen from the Renaissance. Rooms there have been decorated and arranged according to the traditions of different ethnic groups that lived in the city. Today, guests will find the interior elements of the Armenian, Russian and Jewish cultures. Srebrov house will work from 8.30 a.m. to 05.30 p.m., but during the summer and on request, the working time will be extended.

srebrov house shumen
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