See the thousand figure in the icons of St. Stephen’s Church in Nessebar

October is surely one of the most suitable months of the year for visiting Nessebar if you want to explore the sights of the old town included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. First of all, because the crowds of holidaymakers have gone and you can find any of the sights without organized groups and a bunch of visitors in your way. In addition, the weather is still sunny, and the swans have already come to winter to the shore.


Certainly, the most impressive church in Nessebar is St. Stephen. It was built in the 11th-13th century, and several centuries later the building was extended to the west and the narthex added. The most impressive, however, is not the very construction of the building or the green courtyard of the temple, dotted with capitals, but the images in the church. In over 250 compositions, 1,000 pieces are depicted. Among the murals, there are preserved authentic ones from 400-500 years ago.


Initially, the church was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which is why it is painted with scenes from her life. However, the church of Nessebar, named after St. Stephen, falls into the sea and the temple becomes the successor of her name. Among the paintings on the walls, you will see scenes of the miracles of Christ, as well as scenes from the Judgment day. There are three different masters working on the sacred drawings, experts say according to the style of the images.


Not less impressive are the infected iconostasis from the end of the 16th century and a carved archons throne and pulpit from the end of the 18th century. The entrance to the church is 6 leva /approximately 3 euro/, with discounts for children and students, but not for media representatives. You can also buy a combined ticket for some of the sights in Nessebar. To male photos in the temple is free of charge, with the only condition not to use flash. The temple is open from 9 a.m., during the week it works until 7 p.m.  and during the weekend until 6 p.m. The temple closes for a half-hour lunch break from 1 p.m. to 1.30 p.m.

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