Swimming with dolphins in Varna

If you ultimate dream is to swim with dolphins now you can do this during your summer holiday in Bulgaria. The happiness is guarantied in the Festa Dolphinaruim in Varna. The price for the pleasure is 200 leva /apx 100 euro/. If do this in October the price drops and you pay only 100 leva /apx 50 euro/. There is a condition to be at least 12 years old. If you are between the age of 12 and 18 your parent should write you a permission. Before you jump to he pool and make one of the most happy memory in your life an instructor teaches you how to behave with the dolphins and to express your feelings in the water with gestures.   swimming dolphins varna   The contact happens with individual floating jackets. In spite of that you must be able to swim at elementary level. You will share the experience with at least five other lucky guys. During the swimming you will have a once in a lifetime chance to hug and kiss a dolphin. Or to swim with the cleaver animal grabbing its fin.   swimming dolphins varna   In the Dolphinarium everyday is held also a dolphin show. If you buy a ticket for the show you will listen the dolphins singing to the audience. And see them dancing waltz. The water artists jump high and make acrobatic skills.  You will see also how dolphins rescue people in water. One of the most funny part of the show is when the dolphins start to play football with the public. swimming dolphins varna   The price for adults is 20 leva /apx 10 euro/. The children from 2 up to 12 years will enter the show for 14 leva /apx 7 euro/. Everyone under the age of 2 has a free ticket.   Booking hotels in Varna

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