The ancient villa Armira regains its splendor

The ancient villa Armira regains its splendor

On Saturday, January 18, with a reconstruction of Roman rituals, opened the renovated Villa Armira. Experts from the tourism industry, tour operators, journalists and local government representatives were among the guests at the opening. The event aimed at presenting and promoting an entirely renovated tourist attraction in the area of Ivaylovgrad.

Officially, the villa will be open for visitors as of February 14, 2014 After the restoration works the colonnade around the indoor swimming pool, several marble figures and the original mosaic with the portrait of one of the owners of the house and of his children, can be seen in their full splendor. Visitors will be able to pass through the original entrances of four of the premises. The underfloor heating has also been restored.

The mosaic floorings are covered with glass, which allows tourists to enjoy the unique ornaments and the beautiful images. The ancient garden at the back part of the villa has also been restored. A “theatron” was built for various recreations and attractions.

With all this, villa Armira joins the variety of unique monuments of ancient culture in Bulgaria.

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