The Architectural-Ethnographic Complex Ether turns 50

The Architectural-Ethnographic Complex “Ether” turns 50

From September 5th till 7th the open air museum was hosted the 12th International Fair of Traditional Crafts “Ether 2014”.

The Architectural-Ethnographic Complex “Ether” in Gabrovo is the first and only open-air museum in Bulgaria. It was opened on September 7th, 1964. 50 sites were exhibited there, including water technical equipment, Renaissance houses with craftsman’s workshops, places of public importance.

The year 2014 passes under the sign of the semi centennial of the complex. From September 5th till 7th the 12th edition of the International Fair of Traditional Crafts was held in the Architectural-Ethnographic Complex “Ether” – Gabrovo. More than 50 craftsmen from the country and abroad enrolled for participation in it so far. Among the crafts were pottery, coppersmith, cutlery, weaving, iconography and many others. Participants from Serbia, Romania, Turkey and Uganda demonstrated to the audience in the Ether crafts which are traditional and typical for their countries, such as ceramics, jewelry making, etc. For the first time this year the traditional Masters Competition includes international participants. For four days in the Pottery Competition was competed for the grand prize “The Silver Cowbell”.

Another important event was the 10th Jubilee International Conference “Traditional Crafts – Past, Present and Future” with the participation of over 40 specialists from the country and abroad.

For the visitors were envisaged demonstrations of activities which are typical for the Central Balkan Region, such as plums baking, dyeing of woolen yarn with natural dyes, knitting of woolen decorations – braids and knitting with corn husks (maize leaves).

The numerous guests were able to enjoy the rich three-day folklore program with the participation of the National Folklore Ensemble “Philip Koutev”, the “Rhodope” Folklore Ensemble from Smolyan and others.

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