The novelties at St.Vlas Laguna Resort (Dinevi resort) for Summer 2011

Intensive work is going on at Dinevi Resort in several directions – for sure Saint Vlas shall turn into the hottest spot on the Black Sea coast this summer!

On May 02, the Saint Vlas’s Day, the new 4-lane road between Sunny Beach and Saint Vlas shall be opened – night lighting along the road, with green areas and palms in the middle!

NewCaribbeanvision of theMonasterybeach in Saint Vlas – parasols and sunbeds of natural materials, real green grass and palms oasis on the beach, “Caribbean” life guards’ stations, shade by rows of willow trees, children’s corner with play toys and daily animation, luxury WC.

Illuminated 5 meter high letters on the slope near the beach shall form the sign “St. Vlas Dinevi Resort” visible from the sea, and  even from Sunny Beach on the opposite side of the bay.

Landscape improvements in the complexes – tens of new big palms and another 4000 rose bushes, color spilling night lighting among the vegetation, retro totems and guide signs between the complexes, 3.5 meter sculpture of white marble opposite to the church, new bust-relief on the Marina Dinevi’s Alley of Glory, 24 hours medical cares, concierge, new corners for sitting and taking pictures in Dinevi Resort – with restored boats and marine details.

Real childrens animation – daily and nightly events from the new children’s corner on the beach and the amphitheatre. Sports activities are planned, theme days, chess lessons, fencing, swimming, sailing (orientation and seaman’s knots), children’s discothèques, shows for adults 2 times a week.

A new casino and a new folk-club shall open their doors at Marina Dinevi, in addition to the existing 7 restaurants, Planet Yacht club and Magnitto club.

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